Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Half Marathon

Me and a couple of friends and sister-in-laws just ran the Hurricane Half. We had so much fun! I didn't know how well I would do being so pregnant but I'm happy to say I Finished! It was so great to get away with our friends, lay out by the pool and relax (with no kids), and eat out lots along with the race!

Kori, Isabelle, Porter, Megan, Krystal, Me and Susan.

Kori and Me (Kori is pregnant to and did soooo good! She kept
me going and I would have died without her!)


Megan (my friend megan is my running partner and is the one
getting my butt out running everyday.....lets just hope she knows

how to deliver a baby in case it falls out!)



Aimee Fuller said...

Congrats not only on finishing but running while pregnant! You look fabulous!

Kristin said...

you amaze me. I am in shock that you can do this at all...let alone pregnant! Good job:) I am very proud of you. You look aweseom by the way!

Stephanie said...

How are you running pregnant? I was out of breath climbing the stairs to my bedrom. Makes me tired just thinking about it

The Wright Crew said...

You are a wonder woman! I dont even run when I'm NOT pregnant :)

Way to go

Kari said...

Awesome job guys! You look so cute running with your adorable belly!
You and Megs are amazing! Don't know how you do it. Especially Preg!!

Meg said...

yeah! Your awesome! I will deliver little Ike....as long as we finish our run first!

*Heather* said...

You're amazing Marc! I can't believe you did that while prego! That's incredible! You'll have to get my butt out running.

Kermath Clan said...

You are amazing! I would have died walking the mall when I was prego! Congrats!!