Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Elephant Parade

Today we went to the elephant parade down at the gateway. The circus just came to town so they have a parade with all the elephants, clowns, llama's, horses etc. It was the best parade ever cause it only lasted 10 minutes but was still entertaining for the kids!

So You Think You Can Dance

We had a such a fun girls night out! We went and ate at Macaroni Grill which was yummy (not to mention relaxing with no kids!) and then went to the So You Think You Can Dance concert!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Hogle Zoo

Lily, Jamison, and Owen checking out the Kangaroo's

He was so excited to see the bear. I love the face he is pulling!

All the kids on the train ride with Grandma, Grandpa and Justin.


Just some Randoms....

Justin just bought Owen this little T-Ball set and he loves it! He could spend hours doing this!!

Owen and Grandpa on a horse ride.

Owen has mastered his summer saults (sp.????) He practiced and practiced and can now even do running ones with no hands. I'm affraid he is going to break his neck but he is pretty proud of himself!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Rodeo......a little late

We went to the County Rodeo a couple weeks ago with Justin's family and Owen loved it (other than he was almost in tears when they roped the baby cows)!! I didn't take very many pictures but here are a few of him and his cute cousins!

Like Mother Like Son.....

Owen thought he was pretty funny putting his soccer ball up his shirt to look like Mom. He ran around hitting his belly saying "baby Eli, belly". (Justin and I aren't 100% sure that the baby's name is Eli but Owen is! We'll see! :))