Tuesday, December 30, 2008


We had such a fun Christmas this year! Like always it was full of parties, food, family, and fun. Of course I forgot my camera for Christmas Eve and morning but here are some pictures from our family parties.

Owen and Lily with their rudolph noses(not sure why they are blue)dancing for everyone.

Landi, Libbie, Jack, Lily, and Owen

Owen and Jamison showin each other some love..(I'm sure they are apologizing for fighting 2 minutes prior!)

All the grandkids getting ready to sing for santa

Grandpa Simkins, Jack and Owen reading The night before Christmas to everyone.

Owen was exhausted from all the fun and passed out on Justin right before Santa came. He was not to happy when we woke him up to see santa.

By the look on his face I'm not sure he was loving Santa.

Oh how sweet.....family picture with Santa.

John playing the guitar for everyone at my families Christmas program.

Owen and Carlee are so cute together. She loves to hug and kiss him and he usually responds with "don't touch me", typical boys and girls.....

Owen thought it was great getting presants. It was so much fun watching him this year.

Eli is 3 weeks now and is growing so fast!! He has been such a good baby and we have loved having him around.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

GeT OUT oF his GRILL.....

.....Is something we are constantly saying around our house! Owen cannot seem to leave Eli alone! He is such a good helper and is really loving Eli but his constant sucking face with him is driving me crazy! I can't help but laugh though cause Owen will look at me all serious and say "just one more kiss marc"(yes he thinks it's funny to call me Marc or Marci like "Daddy does")
Eli is still doing great and we are loving having two little boys around!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Eli Stuart Simkins

He is finally here (well a week ago, I am a little slow at posting!)!! Eli was born last Saturday morning at 6:30. He was 6lbs 15oz and was 20 inches long. Everything went so well and we are all doing great! At first Owen didn't really want anything to do with me or the baby but he has been so good and loves his little brother "baby Eli"!

Owen's first time meeting his new little brother.

I know this next picture is random but I had to include a picture of Owens new outfit. He has to wear underwear over his diaper, wants his pants off, and finishes off his look with his cowboy boots! Whatever makes them happy right??